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Making a Will is one of the most important decisions a person can make.

Most married people assume that their Estates will pass automatically to their husband or wife but this depends on the value of their estate and how their assets are held. They may therefore leave their loved ones financially vulnerable. Moreover the intestacy rules do not make any provisions for Cohabitees.

A Will allows you to:

Choose persons you trust to administer your Estate

Appoint guardians of your infant children should they be orphaned

On a second marriage, provide protection for your second spouse whilst ensuring your children from your first marriage still benefit from your Estate.

Make provision for unmarried partners or step children

Reduce your inheritance tax liability

Preserve assets in the of divorce or bankruptcy of beneficiaries

Protect an inheritance if the survivor of you should move into residential care.

Provide Protection for Vulnerable beneficiaries

Although it is possible to make a homemade Will, there is a risk that it may not deal with all of the assets of your Estate or may not even be valid. If a mistake is made it is often discovered too late to resolve the problem.

There are unregulated Will writers who offer Wills a very low cost; however the risk is that using them will in the end cost you a lot more.

Your Will should be tailor made to suit your requirements and circumstances. You may require a simple Will or a more complex Will. Our aim is to understand your objectives and to provide in your Will practical solutions that suit your individual needs.

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