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Rainer Hughes are specialists in dealing with VAT, Excise Duties, Customs Duties and HMRC matters. We have a particular emphasis in the alcohol industry, cash and carry trade and the tobacco market having acted for clients in this industry for the last 10 years.

Our work includes:

Appeals against Detentions and subsequent Seizures by way of Condemnation Proceedings

Appealing Duty Drawback Rejected claims

Successfully reducing Assessments of VAT and Excise Duty and achieving the withdrawal of Assessments altogether

Judicial Reviews and Injunctive Relief in respect of detention of goods

We can give advice on Movement and Premises Bond Guarantees and can advise on seeking their reduction where appropriate

We also provide assistance in cash detentions and forfeiture hearings

Our team are also available to conduct legal compliance reviews, investigations and audits and where possible advise clients on how best to take pre-emptive steps to ensure that they comply with the ever changing UK, EU and international trade laws and regulations.

We appreciate that potential issues relating to Customs related matters can take place at any time. Our team is available outside of normal office hours and is able to offer immediate pragmatic and practical advice to help manage the situation and limit the potential damage to your business. We offer on-site assistance during HMRC visits should the need arise.

It goes without saying our aim, at Rainer Hughes is to attempt to recover your costs from HM Revenue and Customs, and the Crown Prosecution Service or against the party whom brought the proceedings against you. However, costs cannot be recovered in the Tax Tribunals for any new appeals due to recent changes in the law.

We have successfully conducted cases which have identified incorrect procedures being adopted by HMRC, some of these cases have been reported which can be seen on this site.

We conduct matters for clients in both the civil and criminal courts, County Court and Magistrates Court, Administrative Court, Queens Bench and Chancery Division of the High Court, and the Court of Appeal both Civil and Criminal Division.

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