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We have a team of experienced solicitors who are always on hand to ensure that those arrested are able to call upon us to provide good and timely advice. We have extensive experience of advising suspects accused of all manner of offences, ranging from terrorism and murder to theft and road traffic matters. Whatever the position, we are confident that we can properly advance your rights and ensure that your legal position is best protected.

We defend clients for all offences in the Magistrates Court and Crown Courts all across the England and Wales. We have taken matters to the Court of Appeal.

We provide assistance at the police station should you be arrested, returning to bail or going to be charged with an offence. We will make representations at the prison station in relation to any bail conditions imposed on you. We arrange for a matter to be listed Magistrates Court for an application to vary bail.

We will attend to you in prison for a conference.

Magistrates' Court Matters

Our solicitors represent clients before the magistrates' courts regularly. Backed-up by a team of experienced caseworkers, their expertise both in terms of advocacy and the law means that our clients can be confident that they will receive the best possible representation. Whether applying to the court for bail, representing you at trial or presenting your mitigation, we will ensure that clients are provided with our best available resources so that your case is handled in a professional manner. We are able to undertake all matters, and will advise clients on the most suitable form of funding.

Crown Court Matters

If you face more serious matters in the Crown Court, our team of lawyers will make sure that you are fully prepared and that you are represented by an experienced advocate. We will advise you on your legal position, and will make sure that your case is presented to the court in a clear and favourable light, no matter what the circumstances.

Appeal Work

We pride ourselves on our legal expertise and are often asked to review cases with a view to establishing whether there are any grounds for an appeal. Whether we acted for you for your original matter, or if you were represented by another firm, we can call upon our extensive experience in analysing your legal position; if you have grounds for an appeal, we will find them.

The team's expertise covers the following areas:

Cash Seizure and Detention
Civil Forfeiture & Revenue Functions
Confiscation Orders
Drug Trafficking
Human Rights Act
Immigration deception/offences
Money Laundering and/or Mortgage Fraud
Restraint & Receivership Orders
Search warrants
Serious Crime
Serious Fraud

Scales of Justice

We have also provided assistance in sensitive cases and you have a choice of either instructing a male or female solicitor.

We recently won an appeal at the Criminal Court of Appeal and the conviction was quashed in relation to an identification case.

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